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Why should I give my body to science?

1 month ago

Why should I give my body to science?

As an example of ’paying it forward,’ in a medical sense, many people are looking at their ultimate and final gift to those that they leave behind, as the practice of donating their bodies for science. Each year, thousands of medical students rely on human cadavers to help hone their medical skills, and medical schools across the nation use those bodies to help build a hands-on awareness of the human body of those entering medicine as a career field. Today, the practice of donating bodies to science is responsible for medical advancements in a host of fields. If you are wondering why you should give your body to science, here are some compelling success stories to help guide your decision making process in this regard.

Ground Breaking Research

The body is comprised of thousands of individual systems, which are as complex as they are numerous. From bones to muscles to organs, each part of the body must function correctly to live a happy and healthy life. Those who donate their bodies ensure that those who need this essential training receive it. There are a myriad of studies that rely on the ready available of human cadavers for scientific study, which is used to advance medical science. Just some of the fields benefiting from body donations include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Scoliosis
  • Urology
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Paramedic training
  • Neurological conditions

With thousands of medical studies under way at any given time, the decision to donate your body to science can have a dramatic effect on the stopping of disease, and advancing an understanding of the way to fix the human body.

Targeted Delivery of Radiation Treatment

Radiation treatments, to help remove or reduce malignant tumors on the lungs are the subject of much ongoing research and development. The tumor’s placement on the lung makes it susceptible to movement during radiation treatments, and medical studies that are focused on better targeting the moving tumor through what is known as ’adaptive gating.’ The use of human cadavers in medical studies is isolating better ways to target and destroy the invading organism.

Medical Intervention of Cardiovascular Disease

As one of the leading killers in the nation, understanding cardiovascular disease is of paramount importance to beating the health scourge demands ongoing research that focuses on the development of implants, heart valve repair and replacement, as well as developing an awareness in new doctor-trainees regarding hemodynamic monitoring systems, aortic stenosis, and a host of heart related problems.

Giving the Gift of Life

For those who are contemplating donating their bodies to science, they can rest assured that their donation is instrumental in the development of new treatment regimes and procedures that are advancing medical science on a daily basis. Literally speaking, donating your body to science is a great way to give the gift of life for those who remain behind following the death of a loved one. As such, it is important to make your wishes known prior to life threatening condition, so that they can make sure that your final sacrifice is honored.


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