What if we could choose the exact moment of our death? - Afterlife
What if we could choose the exact moment of our death?  - Afterlife Obituary Blog

18 days ago

What if we could choose the exact moment of our death?

It’s pretty human to think about the moment that you will die. We’ve all wondered whether we will die painlessly in our sleep or be hit by an oncoming train during an intense bank robbery involving police, helicopters and ramps (or is that just me?). But, what if we could preemptively choose that moment? What if you could set the stage for your finale and make it exactly to your specifications? More importantly, does this make you a drama queen?

The Pros of Choosing Your Exit

Think about your perfect death scene? Does it involve your family all around you, or does it involve sacrificing your life to save someone else? Regardless of what your perfect last moment would be, being able to choose the moment would allow you to make the most of it. If you could choose when exactly you will die, it ensures that you will never die tripping and falling in your bathroom or dying of old age, alone, with nine cats and a goldfish. In short, your death won’t be pathetic.

When I pondered further, I started thinking about my family and how they would react to my timely or untimely demise.

The Cons of Staging Your Finale

When I thought about this, one of the biggest cons about being able to choose the moment of your death involves the fact that you will be fully aware of the chosen moment while those around you may not. While, of course, you may not actually have to tell your loved ones that you know when you are going to die, it sort of creates a personal dilemma. Do you not tell your family and have your possibly untimely death surprise them, or do you tell them and have your oncoming expiration torture them until the time comes? It’s clearly a really tough decision.

Death and the Drama Queen

In short, it does seem like having the ability to choose and stage the moment of your death has the capability of making you seem like a drama queen. But regardless of my tendencies, the fact that I would have to make the decision of whether to tell my loved ones about when I will die is simply too much for me to handle. I will resign myself to die however the universe decides for me to go. But, more importantly, how would you handle having the ability to choose the exact moment of your death?


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