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The biggest regrets that people have before they die  - Afterlife Obituary Blog

2 months ago

The biggest regrets that people have before they die

We hear the phrase ’life is short’ all the time, but how often do we take advantage of that knowledge? It’s hard to live each day like it’s your last when you know it probably won’t be. Because of this, we often have regrets as we near the end of our journey. Learn more about the things people wish they had done before they die so you can live a fulfilling, regret-free life.

Family Life

We’re all guilty of not treating our families as we should at times. In fact, some people don’t spend any time with their families because of fights, disagreements, or even just because they don’t live close. As we near the end of our lives, though, we realize how unconditionally important family is to us, and not having better relationships with our families is often a big regret. Be a better mother or daughter—tell your family you love them more often.

Following Your Own Lead

Everybody has dreams. Whether you’ve always wanted to build a house, travel the world, or pursue a career, things don’t always work out the way we planned. People often make choices to impress their peers and their parents with no regard for what they really want. Follow your own lead—if you want to travel, start saving and planning a trip. When we live life on our own terms, it’s easier for us to accept what we get out of life.

Prioritizing Health & Happiness

Of all the wonderful things in life, so many of them—cheese, alcohol, sweets—seem to be detrimental to our health. It may seem like it’s worth the trade-off now, but we often wish we would have taken better care of ourselves before we die. Living a healthy lifestyle allows you to accomplish more, gives you a longer, higher-quality life, and helps improve your emotional and mental state.

Squashing Beef

It’s completely normal to have arguments, even to the point where you don’t speak to someone for a period of time. But taking these grudges to the grave is never worth it. Sure you might feel regret in your later years, and that’s no good, but more important are the years (or possibly decades) you could have spent with a good friend or relative had you been willing to patch things up. It may be tough, but having strong relationships is always more important than your pride.

Trying More Stuff

As if falling short of our career and financial aspirations wasn’t already enough, most of us have a handful of small, usually random things we’d like to try in life. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go skydiving or record a finished song; these are often things we have the time and resources to accomplish. If you have something you want to do, do it—that way, at least you gave it a shot.

It’s not easy to live a life without regret; if it were, everybody would do it. But by learning about some of the things people regret most, you can decide what steps you need to take to live a fulfilling life. So when your journey is nearing its final chapter, you and your loved ones can close the book with a satisfied smile and plenty of good memories.


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