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8 best gifts to give at a funeral

1 month ago

8 best gifts to give at a funeral

If you’d like to give a gift to the family of the departed at a funeral, you have many options. Traditional gifts to give include the usual, flowers, cards, and food; and these are all appreciated earnestly by the recipients, but there are a few other ideas you may wish to consider as well.

When considering a gift for a funeral you want to put a lot of careful thought into the gift and your gift should come from the purest of sincerity. Tread carefully, respectfully, and whole-heartedly.

If you’re considering giving a gift in memory of the departed loved one or for the family of the departed, here are 8 of the most common and the best gifts that anyone can give at a funeral.

8 Wonderful Ways to Show You Care When Someone You Love Has Passed

Flowers and Plants: Flowers and plants are commonly given before, during, and after the funeral. Giving the gift of a flower arrangement or a beautiful plant with sentimental symbolism that will stand the test of time are both wonderful ways to show you care. When choosing a flower arrangement or plant, put some creative and loving thought into it. You have many options to choose from during the selection process, so choose wisely and from your heart.

Sympathy Cards: Sending a sympathy card in the mail to the residence of the departed loved one’s family, or to the funeral home before the services is a loving way to show sympathy, compassion, thoughtfulness, and love.

Help with Food: Generally, when a loved one is lost it takes a while for families to start moving again with the day-to-day tasks such as preparing meals and cooking. Sending pre-cooked meals or food that is easy to instantly serve is a loving way to help out during the mourning period when emotions are the rawest.

Funeral Expense Donations: If the family of the departed has trouble collecting money for funeral expenses, or if they ’had’ trouble doing so, consider offering a financial donation to help towards expenses, even if they’ve already been paid.

Living Expenses Donations: If the passing of the departed has put a financial hardship on the family, consider donating towards their living expenses until they can get on their feet. Some families are hard hit financially by tragedy.

Charity Donations: Consider making a donation to the departed loved one’s favorite charity in their honor and name.

The Gift of Your Time: Some families want their space during the grieving process, while others may accept help with open arms. Don’t be afraid to give the purest gift of all – the gift of your time. Offer to help if they need anything at all, even if it’s to help out with a little light housekeeping, dishes, and laundry.

Gifts for Little Ones: If little ones were left behind, don’t forget a gift for this little group of grievers, especially if they lost a parent. Consider gifting kids with something ’special.’ Nothing will clearly take the place of their departed parent, but a little something just to show you care and are thinking of them is all you need to give. Maybe a special picture of the child and parent in a special frame that you picked out for them; a picture within a locket that they can wear, or their favorite toy.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Gift

Use caution and your best judgment when selecting the appropriate gift to give. Let your heart and good intentions guide you. When you select a gift from the heart with the purest of intentions, you can’t go wrong. Consider the departed, the family, and what you’re able to commit to.

Even if you just send a card or a flower arrangement, it will surely be appreciated by the family. Best of all is a loving gesture of ’I’m sorry for your loss and I’m thinking of you. Let me know if you need anything.’ Just being there is sometimes gift enough to give.


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