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6 Ways to say thanks to your dad this father's day  - Afterlife Obituary Blog

2 months ago

6 Ways to say thanks to your dad this father's day

Your dad has been and will forever be the most important man in your life. He’s always had your back regardless if you wanted him to, helping you find the best solution to any problem you encountered. On your darkest days, your dad was the one you could count on to brighten your mood. You’ve always wanted to thank him for everything he has done for you, but you weren’t quite sure how to make that message clear.

If your father is deceased

Some of you never had the chance to thank your father before his passing, but that doesn’t mean that it is too late. Here are a few suggestions to thank your dad by making the memory of him live on.

1. Visit your father’s final resting spot

Although it may be hard to find the time, it is important to make room on Father’s day. It can be emotional, but visiting the grave of your father is well worth it. Bring his favorite case of beer or memorabilia of his favorite sports team and leave it by his tombstone to show him that you still think about him every day. You can guarantee that he’ll be smiling as he watches over you from up above.

2. Create a memory on Afterlife

Creating a memory on Afterlife.co is a fantastic way to tell other people how wonderful your dad was. The website Afterlife.co is an online obituary database that allows you to upload a picture and to write about the wonderful memories you have of your father. The internet isn’t going anywhere, so doing this will make sure that the stories of your dad will never be forgotten.

3. Light a candle for your father on Afterlife

Your father was always selfless, putting the needs of others ahead of his. Afterlife.co provides you with the chance to carry that on, even after death. After an obituary page is made, Afterlife gives visitors the option to light a candle in memory of them. Lighting a candle for your father puts an animated candle on his obituary page, allows you to write a message in memorial of him, and gives you the opportunity to donate to a charity of your choice. 

If your father is alive

Those of you that are lucky enough to still have your dad around should not put off thanking him any longer. The best time to thank your father for all he has done is now, and here are some ideas to do just that!

1. Write your father a letter

It’s not always easy to say things in words and the odds are that your father isn’t a huge fan of technology. Writing a thank you letter for your father is sure to let him know how much you appreciate and love him. Mention whatever you wish in this letter, although it will probably have more meaning if you write about your favorite memories. Regardless of what you decide to include, every letter than you write your father should end with the words ’I love you, Dad.’

2. Spend a day with dad

From the first moment that you officially moved out of his house, your father started missing you. The presence he loved so dearly that once roamed around constantly asking him questions is no longer there and, believe it or not, he misses it. Your father wants to spend time with you, which makes this option one of the best gifts you can give him. You do not have to do anything special with him, simply spending the day talking to him will be sure to make it one of his best father’s days ever. Sometime throughout the day, say the words ’Thanks for everything, Dad’ and he’ll know that you appreciate him.

3. Repay him for his sacrifices

No one has sacrificed more in his life to make you happy than your father. Whether it be a golf trip on an exotic island that he skipped out on because you were graduating or an expensive television that he couldn’t afford because he was paying for your college, your dad always put your well-being ahead of his entertainment. One of the greatest ways to say ’Thank you for living a dull life so I can prosper’ would be to give him another chance to try out that golf course. Buy him a plane ticket, show up to his house announced, and watch him as he realized how much you appreciate the sacrifices he made.


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